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We do not maintain a separate Link Exchange page, but rather advertise your established website under our Business Directory.

A "Link Exchange" is when two websites agree to place a text link to one another. It is usually done to provide additional websites a reference for both sites. This in turn causes better ranking among search engines because websites with links to other websites with similar topics are considered more important by search engines and they are placed at higher ranking.

Notice: Due to the overwhelming misuse of link exchange, we do not promote, accept or display sites that engage in, are affiliated with or promote free-for-all links or banners, link farms, or other type of automated linking. We firmly believe that the purpose of link exchange is to connect high quality content rich resources; therefore we do not accept sites that primarily consist of affiliates and/or have no real content.


  1. Your website must be on its own domain (example: mysite.com - NOT mysite.mysite.com).
  2. Your website must be at a PR lever of 1 or higher (Get the Google Toolbar and check the green bar).
  3. You must link to us on your website. Cut and paste the following code and place in on your site. The HTML code must appear exactly as it appears here - any changes will cause your submission to fail. This needs to be done before you submit the form.
    This site is registered with
    <A HREF="http://www.lostfiilmtv.ru">wallpaper2018.org</A>
  4. After you have placed the above HTML code on your homepage, fill out the form below to submit your website.

    We will check your page once a week for our link. If our link is removed from you homepage your link will be immediately removed from our website. All fields will be displayed.

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